Clash in the Canyon 2018

The first event of the World Long Drive season kicked off with the Clash in the Canyon, Nevada, USA.

This was the first event being televised by the Golf Channel.  

Phillis made the semi-finals but was not able to convert into the next stage of the tournament.

"Well that didn’t work the way I wanted 🙄🤪 there were so many positives that came out of #ClashInTheCanyon, I just didn’t convert when it was time to. Although at the top of the sport, you can’t afford to make mistakes and I did! Well done to my matey @alexisniicole on her maiden win, it was always going to come soon with the way she bombs it but also, well done to @aphilaphil @troymullins and @heathermanfredda. You ladies def deserve to be in the top 4 today! Big thanks to my mum, my team, sponsors, partners and friends for your support. Congratulations to @WorldLongDrive on another successful televised Tour event. ☺️☺️

Heading to LA to get my grind on. I’m pursuing a World Championship this year."

📸: @yolicabada 😎🤩

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