Phillis and her parents

Phillis and her parents

About Phillis

Phillis was introduced to the sport of golf by her father Raz, who thought she would enjoy playing it as much as he did.  She picked up her first club at 7 and started playing the game at 11 years of age.

Having played golf from a young age allowed her to see what a career in golf could offer her.  

Her parents supported all of her sporting endeavours.  They both coached the sport of Waka Ama (also known as Outrigger Paddling) and instilled in Phillis the focus and commitment to compete at top level.  Her father had a dream for her to succeed in golf and spent every spare moment coaching and training her.  He was her #1 fan and supporter.

At 19 years and 2 months of age, Phillis became a World Record holder for winning the 2006 Women's Long Drive Championship with a drive of 326 yards (298 metres).  She was runner up the following two years in 2007 and 2008 and during that year hit a massive 349 yards (314 metres).  In 2009 she took a break away from Long Drive to focus on her playing career.

Her career to date has been mixed between Long Drive and Ladies Golf tournaments in New Zealand, Australia, China, America and the South Pacific.  It has opened up a lot of doors for her and immersed her in many different cultures for which she is very grateful.  

Not only has Phillis reached the top of the sport in World Long Drive, but she has also represented New Zealand in the sport of Waka ama and Athletics.

Phillis is optimistic about her future having only just picked up her clubs again for the 2016 World Long Drive Championship, after a two year break away from the game.  She is currently in America building up to the 2017 World Long Drive Championship in September.




Date of Birth:               11th July 1987

Height:                           183cm (5’11)

Ethnicity:                      Cook Island Maori (born in New Zealand)


Long Drive Statistics

Shaft:                           Reve Shaft

Flex:                              Regular

Longest Drive:            406 yards (371 metres) current World Record

Club Head Speed:      119mph (191 kmph)

Titles:                           2017 World Long Drive Semi Finalist

                                               2017 Mile High Showdown Runner up

                                               2017 Clash in the Canyon Runner up

                                      2016 World Long Drive Champion

                  2008 World Long Drive Runner up

                  2007 World Long Drive Runner up

                  2006 World Long Drive Champion


Love - I do what I love and I’ve got a lot to give.
— Phillis Meti